She was an Amazon, savage, ruthless and brave. Her name was Tomyris. He was Cyrus the Great, ruler of the known world, who believed himself was a God. She became the Queen of War when he invaded her land for his desire to possess her…

Based on the story of Herodotus, a Greek historian and storyteller, who lived in 5th century BC. Herodotus is recognized now as the world’s first historian.

Director: Sergei Bodrov

Writer: Bodrov, Carolyn Cavallero

Producer: Skady Lis, Sergei Bodrov

Script: avail

Status: pre-prep, financing

Budget: 18 M Euro

Shooting location: India, Kazakhstan, Morocco

Shooting date: nn

Shooting language: English

Development with participation of Timur Bekmambetov Projects, USA, Avenue Pictures, USA, Bodrov Film Production, Russia.