BALDY HEIGHTS – in production


LILY PILEOUS (14) lives in Curly Hill, a land defined by hair. When Lily online meets Ragtop (15) from Baldy Heights and they discovers an earth-shattering secret, they will abandon everything they know to unite their separated countries with they help of music.


The story about Baldy Heights & Curly Hills is a universal story about neighbouring countries being at war, East and West Germany, North and South Korea, Israel and Palestine… Told in family entertainment animation style and suitable for small cinemagoers from 12+ the film will appeal to both kids and grown ups.

Director: Noam Meshulam

Writer: Noam Meshulam

Producers: Skady Lis, Minu Barati, Avraham Pirchi, Gilad Roesenau, Ehud Bleiberg

Script: avail

Status: character design, financing

Budget: 3,5 M Euro

Shooting location: Baldy Heights & Curly Hills, 2019

Production start: 2015

Language: English

Co producer: UCM Films, Tel Aviv, Pitchy Poy Studios, Jerusalem, Jooyaa Filmproduktion Berlin

Investors: UCM, Ehud Bleiberg, Jerusalem Film Fund

Sales: Bleiberg Entertainment, USA