‚The Summer with Julia’ is a soft spoken, beautiful story set in Germany, London and Denmark. It takes an affectionate yet realistic look on its rather unlike protagonists, telling a precious love story filled with little moments everyone can relate to. Ralf Huettner‘s ability to create authentic characters and to embed them in carefully layered scenes as well as his proven talent to tell his stories with sophisticated wit and humor paired with the anticipated high profile cast provides all the necessary components for a heart warming feature film.

Director: Ralf Huettner

Writer: Ralf Huettner & Dominic Raacke

Producers: Skady Lis, Minu Barati

Casting: Andorte Braker

Script: avail

Status: financing

Budget: 3,5 M Euro

Shooting location: Munich

Shooting date: nn

Shooting language: German

Co producer: Jooyaa Filmproduktion Berlin

Development fund: FFA