New direction and production slate of Sergei Bodrov

Berlin, February 12th – Sunday award winning Russian helmer and screenwriter Sergei Bodrov announces his upcoming production and direction slate at the Berlinale. MONGOL sequel THE GREAT KHAN, the highly anticipated part two of his Oscar nominated Ghengis Kahn biopic will be shot 2011 in China, Kazakhstan, Germany and Mongolia. QUEEN OF WAR (shooting in India, Kazakhstan and Morocco) and SAMSON (shooting in Israel and Morocco) will follow. The helmer’s Moscow based production company Bodrov Film Production will again collaborate with international production partners. Bodrov is screenwriter, director and producer for all three projects.

“For me this role is creative wonderland. After developing the characters and stories I have all creative possibilities to set them alive. My team and partners are the basis for this freedom,” said Bodrov who is going to give a first insight in his new projects in Berlin on Sunday.

MONGOL sequel THE GREAT KHAN follows Ghengis Khan on his quest to unite all Mongol tribes to create the Mongol World Empire, which – expanding from the Danube to the Sea of Japan and from the Arctic to Cambodia – became the largest contiguous empire in history. QUEEN OF WAR is the adaption of a graphic comic book and tells the 600 BC story of Tomyris, queen of the female amazons tribe of the Massageteans, who is said to have killed Cyrus the Great King of Persia. SAMSON is based on the novel “Samson the Nazarite” by Vladimir Jabotinsky about one of the most famous characters of the Old Testament, Samson the Judge, who possesses supernatural power and strengths whilst at the same time being subject to human frailties.
THE GREAT KHAN, QUEEN OF WAR and SAMSON are being developed by TENGRI Production, USA, Bodrov Film Production, Russia, Kinofabrika, Germany and Getaway Pictures, Germany.
Additionally to THE GREAT KHAN, QUEEN OF WAR and SAMSON Bodrov will also produce SULTAN BEYBARS written by Ermek Tursunov and to be directed by Régis Wargnier and direct THE LAST PHOTOGRAPH for Zach and Deborah Snyders Cruel & Unusual Films.