Getaway Pictures was founded in 2009 by producer Skady Lis and is a boutique, independently owned, creative and dynamic feature film production company based in Berlin that develops, produces and finances original and engaging content for film and television.

CEO Skady Lis is coming from the financing side of film production. Prior to founding Getaway Pictures she worked in the business & legal section of X Filme production and distribution, has overseen the financing and legal of more than 35 national and international feature films and invented the first German GAP financing facility for national and international films with Commerzbank Germany.

With Getaway Pictures, Skady Lis produced the German-Russian co production LOST IN SIBERIA on location in Murmansk and St. Petersburg.

Then afterwards the American-German comedy POSTHUMOUS was shot in Berlin, starring Jack Huston, Alexander Fehling and Brit Marling, followed by Dror Shaul’s ATOMIC FALAFEL shooting in Israel and Germany and starring Alexander Fehling. 2017 Skady Lis produced BERLIN I LOVE YOU starringHelen Mirren and Keira Knightley among others. The film will be released by Saban in the US and by NFP / Warner in Germany 2018.

Getaway Pictures is focused on international feature co-productions with Germany and always looking for new, unique ideas with a clear commercial appeal. Established in 2009, and with a main  presence in Berlin, and a branch in Los Angeles California, the company has become a well established address for international Indie productions, while still having dedicated its major power over the last three years also to developing an astounding slate of projects and building relationships to international talent and production partners.

Getaway is focussed on creatively developing compelling stories, using the latest technologies, state of the art production equipment, facilities, and skilled talent from all over the world. We take pride in collaborating with excellent filmmakers and successful partners in production and sales / distribution. Our team includes some of the industry’s best writers, directors, producers and head of departments.

CEO Skady Lis has produced films all over the world and with the creativity, professionalism, and favoured approach of being present at any stage of development, production and distribution is able to create innovative, high-quality, powerful and entertaining productions. Getaway assures thoroughness in all projects from concept creation to distribution to ensure every project to become what was promised to partners and investors. It is Getaway’s main goal to deliver in a way that keeps our audiences entertained while making the productions successful business for our investors.